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VTB Blockchain & Democratic Policy

The VTB project has chosen to employ blockchain technology for various reasons. The challenge was to deliver transparency and auditability, only delivered by public blockchains.
May 11, 2021/by Alejandro

VTB Mechanics

This post covers the VTBC behind-the-scenes mechanism and the details of its functions concretely, not only conceptually. To begin with, there are two tokens: one increases with time and use, while the other is a tradable token similar to an ERC20. The remainder of this section provides more information on the VTBC and VTBT tokens
April 24, 2021/by Alejandro

VTB Protocol Assertions

This system was designed to benefit all its users (VTBC purchasers) equitably. It would be senseless to build a community otherwise, whereby solely the first members and/or owners would receive benefits.
March 24, 2021/by Alejandro

How is it remedied?

Let’s face it, whatever increase in wages employees have received or sales generated by most Small to Medium Enterprises (SME), their bottom line has flattened due to an equal or sometimes higher inflation rate simultaneously applied on goods and services for at least the last 20 years.
March 19, 2021/by Alejandro

Data Transfer Technologies

Digital technologies have propelled our every communication and transaction into a new era of interconnection where data is transmitted rapidly from one part of the globe to another.
February 8, 2021/by Alejandro

The Barriers

Bitcoin and Ethereum have accomplished their goal of creating a democratic and secure means of achieving peer-to-peer interactions. Undeniably, Bitcoin is ideal for transferring funds.
December 24, 2020/by Alejandro


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