GESHolding serves its customers worldwide with innovative financial solutions for personal and commercial use.

The GESHolding ecosystem is established with VTB Digital Asset as a basis. VTB is a digital asset by the VTBCommunity Foundation consolidated in a novel algorithmic finance cryptocurrency dynamic that permits users to save, invest, receive, pay and exchange with VTB & fiat currencies securely and privately. With our solutions, users can predictably manage their wealth individually or attend to business operations efficiently from any part of the world and at any time.

In addition, GESHolding offers high-quality support, training, and rewards programs within the registered community users of VTB for personal and business affairs across the planet. With a robust infrastructure, GESHolding ensures the financial future of its users with top-of-the-line Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) benefits and futuristic commercial solutions tuned to match the needs of the most demanding users for personal & commercial applications.


GESHolding offers unmatched financial solutions for individuals and corporations.

GESHolding ecosystem is based on the VTB Digital Asset, consolidated in a novel algorithmic finance cryptocurrency dynamic that permits users to save, receive, pay, and exchange with VTB & fiat currencies securely and privately over the world.

2 Tokens

VTBC and VTBT help you grow and trade.

100+ Merchants

Incredible VTB community of businesses.

24/7 Support

Premium support services for our clients.

4 Solutions

Integrated solutions for the ultimate financial experience.


Motivated GESHolding users taking full advantage of what our ecosystem has to offer.

As the all-encompassing VTB token environment, GESHolding offers incomparable solutions for next-generation financial needs, thus reimagining how personal and professional finance work from the ground up.

GESHolding is a groundbreaking financial solution for SMEs looking to grow their companies by enabling cryptocurrency payments on a fee-less and interest-free model that anyone can relate to, especially in these post-Covid times.


We are proud to collaborate with prominent organizations in different sectors that support and trust GESHolding and VTB across the world.


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